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Best free softwares for laptop

Whether you got yourself a brand new laptop or still struggle with the same one for the past few years, you should always get the most of the device you are holding. More often than not, people are underestimating their gadgets’ capacity or settle for a few bunch of basic commands; either case, the owner fails to properly know his opportunities.

So what are the must-haves?

You have probably already made on you own a round-up of all the basic apps and programs for your computer: a browser, a media player, a pdf reader, a chat messenger, all the mandatory stuff. But here come the things that you most certainly lack, not because you haven’t heard of them, but you didn’t know how much you need them. First on the list is CCleaner, a software that wipes off temporary files from your system and empties the junk registry, thus making your PC faster in no time.

Dropbox comes next as a safe and handy cloud storage service; this enables you to access and share your data no matter the terminal you are using – this is the real taste of liberty! In case you are looking for a free text editor, LibraOffice is the best alternative to the pricey Microsoft Office. This program has nearly the same options available in Word and has a wider range of formats in which you can save your documents; however, you will need to switch to Linux as operating system.

Digital technology is the best thing that could happen to our society as it enables us to be faster and infinitely more precise in our work. Thoroughly understanding our devices can only make matters better, thus leaving us more time for personal hobbies and social interaction – in short, our lives.

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