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BlackBox Softwares is proud to announce that we are now an official DigiCert partner and will soon start selling all of their certificates. This is in an effort to fund our company for new hardware and software we need, but cannot afford.

More details will follow soon on this.

Special Software Release0

Posted on January 2, 2016


After playing games on Windows 3.1 all day, I got inspired to make an old MS-DOS program. Since MS-DOS doesn’t work on modern pc’s, I had to improvise. This MS-DOS like version is an C# version based on BlackBox ISO Burner 2.

The GUI is hand designed and all the features have been specially modified for this version. This is a special release and might be the last version released, depending on the feedback I receive. This is NOT BlackBox ISO Burner 3 and is not a part of the official range.

You can check it out and download it here : BlackBox ISO Burner Nostalgia

Happy whatever0

Posted on December,15 2015


Since it is politically incorrect to say Happy Christmas, XMAS or Holidays, we just say, HAPPY WHATEVER TO ALL OUR SUPPORTERS AND FANS!

Welcome to the brand new BlackBox Softwares. You didn’t actually think I’d close down for real?? As you can see, my website has a brand new look and feel and so will all my new software. I am now running my website over two servers which should mean no more downtime. The website is also a lot faster as you can see and a lot cleaner than the old one. In addition to all this, each project now has it’s own independent hosting. This means that should my website ever be down again for some reason you’ll still be able to download the software. Also, the forums are back, this time with better spam fighting and more control from moderators!

I am now asking anyone that’s willing to contribute to my efforts to please do so as this will cover the cost of this website and allow me to learn new coding! Welcome to the brand new BlackBox Softwares. From now on, I go the extra mile to satisfy all my supporters. BlackBox Softwares is a single owner company located in South Africa. I create all the software myself and distribute it with the help of online services. I mostly specialize in security software, disk management software and I’m also learning games now.

Must-have Softwares for Students

Every single one of you who decided to take a bachelor’s degree (no matter the field) will know the struggle of keeping up with the projects, homeworks, and deadlines, all those wonderful things that can make you question all your life decisions and trigger a personality crisis at any given moment – we know, we have all been through it.

Technological, social and scientific progresses are made every single day and if that gives humanity a reason to smile and hope for a better future, for a student it can only mean making extra efforts to keep pace with ever new information and requirements. Don’t yet despair, as what usually works against you, it can very well work for you – speaking about technological progresses, the ways we now learn very much differ from those from the last decades. Learning softwares are here to stay so you can very well put them to good use and ease your studentship down to a more bearable level.

So what are the programs for you?

A student’s budget is all too limited so there is no need to buy all your software when there are plenty of free alternatives. Take for example the universal, the compulsory, and the all-known Microsoft Office pack; as handy as it is, it can cost anywhere from $80 to $140 even with a student discount! That is more than enough to deprive you of lunch for a few couple of days. If you think that no Microsoft Office means waving your papers and presentations goodbye, then it is time for you to meet LibreOffice. Speaking from experience, LibreOffice is the perfect substitute for the paid alternative. This powerful pack includes Writer, Calc, Base, and Impress that can wonderfully replace Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

The same goes for all the artists out there who just can’t afford to buy Adobe Photoshop or for the architects who desperately need Autodesk 3D Max – these are not the only programs! Those Live Sex Chat images from can be as well manipulated on GIMP and figures can be designed with no problems on Blender; all without any cost but a bit of your time. The open source is rich, full of choices and can save you hundreds of dollars!

As a student, you are expected to learn how to be more organized and efficient in your work and softwares can come in handy here as well. If you struggle with time and tasks management, Wunderlist is here to take care of your notes, reminders and device settings. Another killer piece of software comes from Microsoft; Education Pack assists your study material, graphs and drawings while you are learning.

There you go, young inquiring student, the things you will have to do for an easier college experience. In these times of smart devices, you will have to, apart from thoroughly study, keep in touch with all the new software that’s coming up. You never know when a program may save your grade, or at least a night’s worth of sleep.

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